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Repreve Green Beanie Campign

Recently I was contacted by a company out of San Francisco called Linqia, they link manufacturers and companies with bloggers to help spread word of their products through social media. The deal was I get a free product, write about it and get compensated for doing so. I figured any money coming in to offset my annual bandwidth fees would help - so why not. The product they contacted me about is one of my favorite things in the world Polartec fleece. I often can be found with a fleece top, vest, hat, neck warmer, etc.. being worn around in the winter, since I already loved the stuff I agreed to do this campaign so here it goes.

The product I am reviewing and writing about is Repreve fabrics and products. The Repreve products are made from recycled plastic bottles, a big win for the environment. Since so many people insist of drinking sodas, bottled water’s nice to see the packaging they come in get turned into warm winter fabric, instead of winding up floating out in the Pacific Ocean somewhere.

In the mail came this warm green beanie from Repreve. It’s got a cool waffle knit fleece inside, a plus for me as it does not seem to stick to my “Brillo” hair, unlike most other fleece beanies I have already. This hat goes on and off smooth and doesn’t pull or catch on my hair. The outer layer is slick and smooth, I haven’t had it out in the snow yet (we have none in Oregon right now), but history tells me this fleece hat will shed snow and light rain just fine.

The best part about the beanie though was the tag hidden inside, generally when you get a new piece of clothing you expect to see Made in “foreign country of your choice”, not so with this cap. The tag proudly states, Made in Hood River, OR USA woo-hoo! a USA made beanie. The cooler part is Hood River this small town on the Columbia River about 60 minutes from my home. the town is the east end of the Columbia River Gorge, it’s a great place with access to the river, Mt Hood Wilderness and is the gateway to the high desert. I am so excited to be working on something that actually helps my local economy and helps save the planet.

In the coming week I will putting up a video on my website about the new beanie and talk at length abut recycling plastic in a responsible way. Until then folks-

Happy Trails and Wagging Tails,

Allgood & Karluk

Thank you to REPREVE for sponsoring today's discussion and for helping me spread the word about recycled fibers


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