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Human Gear

Full disclosure, I am a Trail Ambassador and Athelete for Gossamer Gear, Mont-bell, Ruffwear Dog Gear, Sawyer, TurboPUP, Purple Rain Adventure Skirts, Toaks, and Barker Bags. I do however try to keep these reviews as no-biased as possible.  As far as backing gear goes, I have been using these brands  products over the years and wolud not be an ambassadorfor them if I haven't.  

Versalite Pants

MSRP $99

Weight Medium Size 3.6 oz


Allgood’s Recommendation-Great light weight wind/rain pants, no frills and just what you need.  Get a pair you'll be happy you did.


The Versalite Pants are the best 3.6oz solution for a pair of pants to keep you dry and warm when the weather turns foul. While Hiking the Sierra High Route I encountered a few days of hail, rain and snow.  The Versalite pants kept me dry, provide extra warmth and even after being in the rain all day, dried quickly once in my tent.   One thing I love about these pants is that I can easily take them on and off without having to remove my shoes.  The cut is true to size and there is no baggy fabric hanging to get caught on anything.  I found the pants breathed well even when hiking for hours in them.  I highly recommend these pants as a great piece of gear for anyone backpacking kit as they are the perfect balance of weight, warmth, and price.



Staying dry and warm in my Versalite Pants during a July snow storm in the sierras

The Versalite Pants help keep away the morning chill along the SHR.

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