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Have a Group or Organization That Wants To Learn More About?


  • Backpacking or Hiking With Dogs?


  • Going Ultra-Light for Backpacking?


  • Leave No Trace Principals and Practices?


Then Have Us Come Talk!

Our standard talk focuses on backing and hiking with dogs, it's about an hour long and covers:

  • My years of backpacking all over the US with my dogs

  • How to select and train a trail dog

  • Gear for your adventures

  • Ultra-Light Backpacking principals and how they help you when hiking with a dog

  • Leave No Trace practices with you pooch

  • First aid for your dog

  • Nutrition for the trail

  • Interacting with other backcountry travelers

  • A vast variety of tips, techniques and other things to consider


I can also tailor my talks to cover other areas of interest for you specific group

  • Ultra-Light backpacking-as thru-hiker, ultra-light backpacker, and proud eagle scout I can speak to vast variety of backpackers from novice to expert and share my ways of going light and how it helps you on epic adventurers

  • Leave No trace-as a LNT Master I can train your group on LNT principals, practices and techniques for leaving a minimal impact when using the backcountry

  • Want to hear about the John Muir Trail or the Wonderland Trail? I hiked both of these trails in the past two years and love to share my photos and tails of my hikes on some the most spectacular trails in the US


Visit my Contact Page to schedule a talk

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