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Promoting Ultra-Light Hiking and Adventures with our favorite backcountry companions, in a safe and responsible fashion.


With over 7,000 trail miles hiking with my loyal 4 legged companions, I am now on a mission to help educate others about taking their dogs with them into the backcountry.


  • Ultra-Light Backpacking

  • Thru-hiking

  • Skiing & Skijoring

  • Mountaineering

  • Education

Dog Talks

Have a group that wants to learn about hiking with dogs? We have a standard program that touches upon my experiences Thru-Hiking the Appalachain Trail with my dog,  how to prepare your dog for the backcountry, Leave No Trace Techniques, and others... custom designed talks available too

Tips & Techniques

With all the experiences I have, and each type of outing presenting it's own challenges, we have honed our skills and now share these vaulable tips & techniques with you.




Latest Outing

Benson Plateau


Whitney "Allgood" La Ruffa, and firiends hiked the Sierra High Route this summer.


New Sponsors

Ugo Bars

Point6 Socks


Salazon Chocolate


Karluk is glad to be welcomed back as part of team Ruffwear fo his 5th year as an ambassador

Join us for one of our upcoming talks.   Please click below to get details


Since Winter has finally returned to the PNW this year, Karluk and I have been taking this time to enjoy the snow in the Cascades.


Recently we have gone backcountry skiing and snowshoeing on Mt Hood and Indian Heaven Wilderness.


We hope that this el Nino  storm system keeps bringing us more of the fluffy white stuff sowe we will have plenty of water to drink while hiking this spring and summer



Read all about Karluk's and my thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail. 


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